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Discover your inner Athlete

"Couples who train together stay together"- What better way to connect with your significant other, bestie or youth in your life? Through support & Teamwork with the Ispyr'ed Couples Program, you and your partner will work together to achieve the health and fitness goals you have always dreamt of. Build life long habits for you, your partner, and/or family and start living the “Ispyr'ed Fit Life".


Become part of the incredible group of individuals at Ispyr Fitness.


This program was created for the former athlete, weekend warrior or simply put - for anyone who wishes to start or continue a rewarding and satisfying life of fitness. As you may come to already know, Ispyr Fitness is an athletic training facility, each session will incorporate athletic based movements that will provide a fun and exciting way to dig deeper than a normal workout routine so you can discover the athlete within. This is not your normal workout session, as you will learn how to improve your flexibility, coordination, balance, strength, speed, awareness and with enough commitment and effort, look and feel like an athlete.

Get in contact or come by for a free tour of Brampton North's new Training facility and sign up right away to ensure your training needs are met.





  • General Mobility

  • Functional Strength Training

  • Natural Fat Loss

  • General Nutrition

  • General Athleticism

  • Increase your overall Body Composition

  • Reaction Time

  • Agility

  • Effective Multi-Directional movement

  • Hip and general Flexibility

  • Balance, stability & Awareness

  • Coordination

  • Injury Prevention

Couple Running


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