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Shatter Expectations!

The Ispyr Difference

Creating Softball Athletes from the ground up ^


At Ispyr Athletics®, our driving philosophy, Creating Athletes from the Ground up, is driven by the deep understanding that no two athletes (or individuals) develop the same.
Our program is not only based on proven techniques and our own personal experiences, it is our mission to create athletes first from the ground up and keep them grounded as they progress, so they can reach their potential and become forces to be reckoned with whether it be on the field or life!

It is our hope that through our dedication that each athlete reaches their potential through proven physical and mental training, allowing them to become the best athletes and people that they can be.  This doesn't happen by accident, it takes thoughtful leadership, a positive community, clarity with open communication, and a willingness to learn & adapt to success and failures both on and off the field. 

Ispyr Steelrz is a non-profit based in Hamilton, it is run by dedicated volunteer coaches and supported fully by Ispyr Athletics formerly Ispyr Fitness. New Athletes are always welcome!
Interested in playing Rep Fast Pitch for the Ispyr Steelrz?

Interested in playing Rep Fast Pitch for the Ispyr Steelrz?
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